• Network with other chemistry teachers at the high school, college and tertiary levels.
  • Learn new ideas in chemical education through seminars, workshops, and conventions.
  • Enhance your impact on chemical education through collaboration with colleagues in developing instructional materials
  • Develop contacts who can help you professionally
  • Participate in national and international programs that enhance the teaching of chemistry
  • Meet and make friends, exchange ideas with others who are committed to improving chemical education
  • Become a better chemistry teacher


Membership in the Association is open, primarily to all persons teaching chemistry in the college or high school levels in educational institutions of recognized standing in the Philippines.

  • Regular membership may be granted to any person who is actually engaged in the teaching of chemistry in any institution recognized by the Philippine government. Life membership may be granted to any regular member upon application and payment of the life membership fee.
  • Associate membership may be granted any person involved in chemistry education although not actually engaged in teaching chemistry.
  • Honorary membership may be granted to anyone who is not a regular member but has rendered outstanding contribution to chemistry education. He must be nominated by one (1) regular member, and endorsed by at least ten (10) members, all in good standing in the Association.