(Res. 51-06 dated 6 October 2006)


A. Purpose

The annual Achievement Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the fields of science, engineering, industry or other human endeavors. The award will inspire researchers to work for the welfare of the Philippines.

B. Nomination

  1. The Chair of the Division shall announce to its members the deadline for nomination of the award at the first general membership meeting of the Division held for the year and for wider circulation the announcement should be placed in the internet.
  2. The nominees with the supporting documents shall be submitted to the Chair of the Division who will forward it to the Division’s Awards Committee, composed of at least three (3) previous awardees.
  3. Every year, each scientific Division of the Council shall submit the names of at least two (2) but not more than three (3) nominees, together with the documents for the award to the Governing Board’s Awards Committee.

C. Criteria for Nomination

  1. Nominee must be an active regular member of the Council for at least two (2) years.
  2. Excluded from the Awards are:
    • Members of the Executive Committee of the Division
    • Members of the Awards Committee of the Governing Board
    • National Scientists and National Artists
    • Members of the Governing Board

D. Evaluation of the nominees

  1. The nominees shall be evaluated mainly on the productivity and quality of his/her lifetime researches.  In case of tie among the nominees, the Awards Committee of the Division will consider the other scientific accomplishments.
  2. The researchers and other scientific accomplishments beneficial for the country must be given more weight than those done abroad
  3. The Chair of the Division shall submit his/her recommendation together with all documents submitted by the nominee(s) to the Governing Board’s Awards Committee not later than 15th of December of the appropriate year. Strict compliance of the deadline must be observed.

Criteria for evaluation of the quality of the research and other scientific accomplishment must include the following:

  • Originality
  • Relevance/significance to the country
  • Scholarly quality

The Division’s Awards Committee shall decide on the point system that will be adopted in the evaluation and must submit these to the Board’s Awards Committee

E. Selection of the Awardees

  1. The  Governing  Board’s  Awards  Committee,  upon   receipt   of  the nominations from  the  different  Divisions  shall  review   the   nominee’s documents and make recommendation to the Governing Board.  In cases where questions are raised, the Committee shall review the basic data of all the nominees in the Division.
  2. The Governing Board’s Awards Committee shall submit the name of the nominee and justification for the award from each Division not later than 15th of January of the appropriate year for final approval of the Governing Board at its January Meeting.
  3. The submission of the citation of the nominee shall be the responsibility of the Chair of the Division.

*/ This Board action supersedes all previous Resolutions related thereto.